Music Programs

Summer Camps

Summer Camps

Want a fantastical camp where our imaginations burst with excitement or love playing ragtime music and syncopated rhythms? Music camps are an...

Music for Little Mozarts

Music for Little Mozarts

For 4-6 year olds, there is a Music for Little Mozarts program written just for this age group. Students will not only study piano in a small...

Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Students who are ready for private lessons will enjoy 1:1 instruction tailored to meet the needs and goals of the student. Students will be...

Piano Class

Piano Class

Students who really enjoy learning music with their peers will like this class! A combination of individualized instruction and group activities...

Piano Improv

Piano Improv

Boost confidence, creativity, and theory with a Piano Improv class. Small group instruction and a whole bunch of fun!

Adult Lessons

Adult Lessons

Are you an adult who would like to learn or pick up from where you left off as a child? You are welcome here! I’ll help you learn the pieces you...

I like when she plays duets with me because it sounds cool!  I also like the Repertoire Classes when we try to guess the name of the piece students are playing!

Landan / Age 10, student for 5 years

Ms. Scopano is nice and funny, and honest about my lessons.  She challenges me and I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment after a job well done!  I like seeing how much I've grown!

Gwen / Age 12, student for 6 years

Ms. Scopano is encouraging and motivating!  She's easy to connect with and I feel comfortable playing in front of her.  She teaches me determination to accomplish goals and she's awesome at piano!

Jemma / Age 15, student for 11 years

She helps me see and realize my potential and what I'm really capable of, even when I don't see it myself.

Madison / Age 15, student for 11 years

Piano lessons are fun!  I feel really good about the progress I've made and I like improvising because I get to play all the keys on the piano!

Isaac / Age 9, student for 4 years

I like getting really good at piano and participating in the competitions.  Piano study has taught me perseverance, even when I wanted to give up.  I even won a composition contest and the York Symphony Orchestra played one of my pieces.

Julia / Age 12, student for 7 years

I like being with my favorite teacher and playing music with her.

Grace / Age 6, student for 1 year

I love the Practice Challenges and Piano Maestro. My teacher is awesome because she encourages me to practice more so I can be great! Piano is my escape from reality!

Sophia R. / Age 9, student for 3 years

I like music class because I have fun and I get to see my friends. I like the games we play!

Clayton / Age 7, student for 2 years

My daughter cannot wait to go to lessons! Ms. Scopano sets fun challenges, gives clear expectations, and makes my daughter feel like a rock star when she achieves her goals!

Amy / Parent

Ms. Scopano encourages Julia to work towards excellence in her pieces and to not give up. I am so thankful for the growth Julia has experienced as both a pianist and a person under Ms. Scopano's guidance.

Jessica / Parent

Kimberly’s Piano Studio

Kimberly’s Piano Studio offers an innovative and comprehensive piano study program for each interested student, based on their needs and goals, from pre-school age through adult.

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